Quick Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hello 🙂

~ Blog-ember Day 23 ~

Now, we are only two days, one shopping day, from the big day! And sometimes there is one person that you forget to get a gift for..

Don’t worry we’ve all been there!

So with that in mind, if you are in need of some quick gift ideas then this post (hopefully) will be a good one for you! I have got a 6 different options for you- I hope this is helpful if your in search of ideas!

Quick Christmas Gift Ideas 2015


Sanctuary Little Bag of Joy  /  Boots  /  £101

This is a great little set if you have a gal’ to get for- I have been eyeing this set up for myself in fact! A lovely set with 4 minis of The Sanctuary skincare products in a cute little bag. It’s one of those gifts that looks a lot better than the price. Any beauty or make up’er will surely love this!

2Dove Men +Care Total Care Bag Set  /  Superdrug  £12

Much like the gift set above, this is a great set for any guy! With three must-have basics it included products that i’m sure any man will use- or be grateful to have a few spares haha. Dove is such a brilliant brand and (again) one which is better than what the price is.

Whittard’s Festive Coffee Hamper   /  Whittard’s   / £253

This can easily be for a coffee lover or a tea lover. With a mini cafetiere, festive coffee blend and chocolate treat this a fun festive set. Something a little different to a regular ground coffee blend. There are loads of variations for coffee or tea blends- plus they come ready wrapped!

4Green & Blacks Chocolate Hamper   /   Local Retailers /   £20

Staying on the same theme as the above coffee/tea sets who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate. Again, these sets can be alters for dark, milk or white chocolate. They also do some funky flavours too! For £20 this pack is really good value, especially for the brand haha!

Zen Colouring Book & Pens   /  WHSmiths   /  £10(ish)5

I’ve already spoken on here about my new colouring obsession, it seems to be EVERYWHERE! Normally I am an advocate for the cheaper books, but for a gift the fancier ones do look more fitting. It would also be handy to include some pens or pencils too- it may appear a strange gift to some but once to try it they’ll be addicted!

6Gift Cards

If all else fails- just get a gift card! I always tell people to include a note explaining what it should be spend on; for example ‘I wanted you to treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally buy!’

So there are 6 quick gift ideas for all different types of people! I really hope this post was helpful if you were in need of some inspiration- hopefully everything will be in stock. Let me know if you have any go-to late min gift ideas!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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