Manicure Mondays : Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Hello 🙂

~ Blog-ember Day 21 ~

Sadly this week is the last of our festive manicure Mondays here on the blog! I hope you’ve enjoyed the previous;

Christmas Tree Nails     /     Snowman Nails    /    Christmas Pudding Nails

So as we are just days away from the day, I thought it only fitting to do some little reindeer, I did try some Santa’s but I’m not that talented! Like all of the previous look it’s always one that I’ve been meaning to try- and it’s super quick and easy!

I hope you enjoy the last Christmas Manicure for Blog-ember 🙂

Rudolph The Reindeer


Step One:

Start by prepping and shaping the nails as desired, apply a brush of white vinegar (to remove excess oils) and add a top coat- allow to dry.

Step Two:


Taking a brown polish (I used Body Shop ‘Chocolate Cutie’)  and a large dotting tool make a circle going half way up the nail, fill in and allow to dry.

Step Three:

PicMonkey Collage

Using a white (I used Barry M White) with a large dotting tool, make two dots on each semi circle for the eyes (1). Then taking a smaller dotting tool and a black (I used Barry M Black) make two pupils in the middle of each white circle (2).

Step Four:


Taking a bright red (I used Barry M Gelly ‘Passion Fruit’) – darker reds don’t show up as much as a coral tone. With a large dotting tool place a large dot in the middle for that classic red nose!

Step Five:


The final step is to add the antlers, I tried using black first but it didn’t really show up- so I tried gold  which worked well! Of course you can do as desired!

Once everything is completely dry, seal with a top coat.


So this sadly ends this year’s Christmas Blog-ember Manicures! I have had so much fun creating these post for you guys, I really do hope you have enjoyed reading?! As always, lave links to your own festive manicures /  blog-ember posts.

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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