Review : Old El Paso ‘Stand N Stuff’ Kit

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~ Blog-ember Day 19 ~

An easy dinner is the best dinner! Usually I use the wrap versions from Old El Paso which always go down well- this isn’t a sponsored post haha! These new bowl shaped kits are something I have been wanting to try for a while, if my memory serves me right there is a fish, chicken and beef kit. I went for the

Smokey BBQ Soft Taco Kit


I was in need to a very quick dinner the other night and these were the only cheap kit I could find! Plus I have been wanting to try these funky looking wraps. I went for the mild kit as I’m not one for too much spice!

Like any normal kit you only need to add the main meat and fresh salad/ vegetables. This kit included the seasoning mix, 8 tacos and aย mild salsa to garnish.

The first step was to brown the mince in a pan until cooked through, then to add in the seasoning mix and simmer. I did cheat slightly here and add in a red onion to the mix, just to add some more flavour and texture. I was tempted to add some tomatoes..

Whilst the mince is simmering you simply warm the taco shells in the oven or microwave. Once all is heated through you are ready to serve! For fillings we had; lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, peppers, red onions and sauces- of course you can choose whatever you want! Served with some tortilla chips.


This was a very quick meal to make, around 45 mins with prep and cooking. Great for a filling lunch or dinner, also relativity healthy with all the salad! I did this for 3 people- we didn’t use all of the shells.

If you see these in your local supermarket they are worth a try. I may try the chicken version soon too! A filling, easy and purse friendly meal. Let me know your thought if you have tried them, or recommendations on the others in the ranges!

I hope this little review was helpful- and that you’re not too hungry now hahaa!

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚

~ B ~

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