F.M.F :Superdrug Deep Cleansing Sheet Mask

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Blog-ember Day 18 ~

Another Face Mask Friday- a much better one than our last edition I can assure you! I present to you,

Superdrug Deep Cleansing Sheet Mask


This is the first sheet mask that I have ever tried! As a ‘5 Minute Facial’ it seems like a quick and tidy face fix.For just over a ยฃ1 these Superdrug masks are always a win- much like my last Superdrug Mask Review!

As soon as you open this mask there is a fresh and spa like scent, a very refreshing and clean scent. As directed, I made sure my face was slightly damp and placed the mask on my face. Making sure to pat onto the skin and to avoid the eyes! As these masks are larger in size, it didn’t really fit around my chin- but everywhere else was fine.

Once on the skin it feels refreshing and cooling, it is very moist and adheres well to the skin. There is a little tingly feeling but nothing painful, more that it feels like it is doing’something’!

I left the mask on for just under 10 mins then removed, there wasn’t much residue left but I washed my skin to be sure.

My skin feel cool and calm, very refreshed and clean. I can’t say that any blemishes look dramatically reduced but everything was calmer and much less red!

Overall I really like this mask; it’s cheap, easy to use and there is hardly any mess! I shall be picking more of these up and some new sheet masks next time i’m there for sure! Let me know of any good masks out there that you like!

As Always, Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚

~ B ~

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