Christmas Party Looks ft. New Look

Hello 🙂

~ Blog-ember Day 17 ~

Welcome to my second Party Look post, I hope you enjoyed my last one!? This week we shall be typing about some of the beauties I found from New Look, the temptation of not buying all these items when constructing these posts can get too much sometimes..but I do love creating them!

Much like my Winter Wishlist posts, from a few months ago, it’s such a great way to look at peoples different styles and sometimes find items that you wouldn’t normally go to. So then, lets get typing about the joys of New Look fashion!

New Look

Like my last posts, I shall be keep these bits to tops and accessories- with black jeans/trousers as my base!

Tan Tassel Block Heels – £19.99

Since this simple banded style of heel has been on the scene I have loved it! However, as you may remember from these fashion posts, as my feet are on the wider side these never fit me 😦 – but a girl can dream ay’. They beauties would be great all year round and also with the patterned top!

Black Suedette Top – £17.99

Ok, yes- with black jeans this would be black on black..and there is nothing wrong with that. As this top is in a suedette fabric is offers another texture to an outfit. I would add some colour with the accessories, even some statement silver would go really well!

Black Geo Panel Clutch Bag £12.99

Again, I’m sorry it’s black again! But black goes with everything, with the different fabric paneling it again would give some more texture to a plain outfit. Just a bit different to a plain bag clutch!

Floral Patterned High-Neck Top – £12.99

This is the top I thought the tan heels would go with; this pattern screams 70’s! Another trend that I love but not always that brave to try- the mix of the 70’s patterns and tan shoes and accessories is timeless combination. On me i’m not sure how flattering it would be as I’m top heavy, but I may need to try it just to be sure haha!

Burgundy Wrap Top – £14.99

Anything in this stunning burgundy shade will catch me eye! This wrap style is one that I have been going onto more recently; paired with a statement necklace and sleeveless blazer for a night out would be fab! Plus these styles come in some many stunning shades

Black Ghillie Heels – £24.99

I am OBSESSED with this tie-up style. Just something about the simple but chic style! I don’t have a pair which is as ‘heavy’ as these but I just love them! Again, however I fear my feel would be a little to wide for the beauties. With simple black jeans these give a touch of chic to a simple look!

And there you have my 6 party fashion picks from New Look, as always I could have chosen half the website haha! I hope you have enjoyed this little post alongside the blog-ember posts? Let me know if you also are doing it and links to any posts below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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