Manicure Mondays : Christmas Pudding Please

Hello 🙂

~ Blog-ember Day 14~

Welcome to the third Christmas Manicure in the Blog-ember series, I hope you have enjoyed the previous Christmas Tree Nails  & Snowman Nails !

Today we have a must have item for any Christmas feast- of course a Christmas pud’! Any, a surprisingly simple but yet effective nail look!

Christmas Pudding Please!?


Step One:

Start by prepping and shaping the nails as desired, apply a brush of white vinegar (to remove excess oils) and add a top coat- allow to dry.

Step Two:


Paint the bottom 3/4 of the nail with a brown polish ( I used Body Shop  ‘Chocolate Cutie’) may take 2 layers. Allow to dry fully. You can add small ‘currant’ dots with a small dotting tool – I forgot haha!

Step Three:


Place some white polish (I used Barry M ‘White’) on a surface, using a large dotting tool make drips going down the nail and fill in to resemble the cream. Allow to dry.

Step Four:


Place some green polish (I used Barry M Gelly ‘Black Pistachio’) on a surface, with a small dotting tall make small circles to resemble holly leafs and allow to dry. Taking some red polish ( I used Maybelline ‘Deep Red’) again with the small dotting tool and add to circle for the holly berries. Allow to dry fully.

Once everything is dry apply a top coat to seal in your design!


And there you have some Christmas Puds on your nails! Even just doing one of these as an accent nail and the rest in brown. I hope you have enjoyed the first of the festive manicure here on my blog- leave me links if you are doing these posts too!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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