Gift Ideas : For The Guys’

Hello 🙂

~ Blog-ember Day 13 ~

Every since, since getting into blogs and YouTube, my timelines this time of year are filled with the ‘gift idea’ posts which are always a great read! So, this year as it’s my first blogging Christmas, I thought I would do some of my own!

Today we shall be typing about some gift ideas for the guys’; brothers, fathers, boyfriends, male friends, etc!

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These are some of the gifts I’ve got myself and a few others I thought were fun- hopefully this post can be helpful if you’re stuck for ideas! Let me know if you have done gift idea posts below.

eBay Superdry Tops

Now, we all know how much they love their labels! And I don’t know about you, but I’m not paying £20+ for one top is I can get them online for around £9. This is an eBay Superdry outlet which is fully legitimate.I have gotten a few bits for myself of here in the past. There is nothing wrong the items, they arrive fully packaged and with the full rrp price tag attached- so they are non the wiser that we’ve spend a lot of money on them haha! Plus with eBay Superdry Store that have a returns policy up to January which is even better! Well worth a look, if not for yourself!

Skincare Sets

You can never go wrong with a basic skincare gift set, I specifically want to mention the ones I have been finding in Superdrug for a stupidly low price- which hopefully will still be on when you read this! Lynx sets (with shower gel, spray and case) are around £4 down from £10. They have loads of brands on offer, the supermarkets also seem to have some of the cheapest prices too.

Fragrance Sets

Again, much like skincare sets you can’t really go wrong with a fragrance one also! I like to get the FCUK sets from boots along with mainly drugstore brands. A lost of the higher end brands do great offers this time of year, FragranceDirect also do great deals!

Car Themed Gifts

Most of the men I buy for are car obsessed- so naturally Top Gear themed gifts normally go down well. I think Top Gear is still a ‘thing’.. if not it might mean all the ready made gifts will be discounted haha! I picked up two of these Top Gear Mug Sets in M&S the other day- a two in one gift with a fun mug and a body wash tube. They also had a whole range of Top Gear themed gifts which were really fun!

Food & Drink Hamper

Snacks and drinks are a win-win! Making a small DIY hamper is super simple and quick to do. Really cheap to find a small basket to fill with their favourite snacks, crisps, beers, sweets, chocolates, etc! You could even construct this gift in Poundland which could work out around £10-15 maybe! A gift that will defiantly be used!

So there are my 5 quick and easy gift ideas for the guys! Very standard gifts I know but you can’t go wrong with them haha! Leave me links if you have done gift guide posts below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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