Christmas Cake-Pop Decorating

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~ Blog-ember Day 10 ~

If you are a follower of my little blog you will know of my love for baking and cake decorating! A few months ago I posted my Halloween Cupcake Decoration post which was so much fun to create- so with that in mind, of course I had to do some Christmas baking and decorating! This is the first of a few baking posts and I really hope you enjoy reading them. Please leave links to any of your festive baking below, I do love a new recipe to try!

So on with today’s post : Christmas Cake Pops


To Make The Cake Pops (aprox 20) :

You Will Need:

– 160 g softened butter       – 210 g caster sugar       – 3  eggs   – 1 tbsp vanilla    – 190 g self raising flour    – 1 tsp baking powder   – 20 g cocoa                    – 1 tub of Betty Crocker Fudge Buttercream (as the texture is different to homemade buttercream it mixed much better for the cake pops)

1. Pre heat oven to 180′ and line a medium round cake tin

2. Firstly to make the cake; cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add in the eggs one by one mixing well in-between- mix in the vanilla

2. Add in all of the dry ingredients, mix well again until you have a smooth batter

3. Add the mixture to the tin and bake for 40 min- checking when cooked! Leave the cake to cool for a good couple of hours

4. Once the cake is cool, crumble into a bowl to resemble breadcrumbs and start to mix in the buttercream. Continue to add to buttercream until a dough forms- you may not need all.

5. Once to mixture has come together, start to roll into small balls- or whatever size you need. Place in a shallow dish and place in the fridge overnight to firm. Check they are firm before decorating!

For The Christmas Pudding Decoration:


– cake pop sticks     – white read-made icing     – red ready-made icing        – green ready-made icing     – (optional) small holly leaf stamp

1. Roll out some white icing, cut a wavy cloud shape out a little bigger than the cake pop. Place onto the top of the cake pop and press down and smooth.

2. Using the green, roll and create some holly leaf shapes. I used a Lakeland Stamp (smallest) which I picked up on sale the other day, alternatively you cut cut free hand! Place on the top of each with a little water.

3. Lastly roll two tiny red balls for the holly berries, attach with water.

4. Place in a cake pop stick and serve!

You can cover the cake pops in milk/dark choc before decorations, leaving in ‘bare’ I think it looks more like the real thing! These are super quick and easy.

For The Reindeer Decorations:


-cake pop sticks    – milk covering chocolate     – salted pretzels                      -red/white/black ready made icing

1.Start by prepping the pretzels, cutting them in half to resemble antlers- do however you wish!

2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave (in a bowl) until runny, prep and tray with parchment paper. Taking one cake ball at a time cover with the chocolate and place onto the tray and add on two ‘antlers’- allow to cool for 30 mins.

3. Once set begin to make to facial features. For The Eyes; take a small ball of white and a slightly smaller one of black and attach with a little water. For The Nose; take a ball of red and press onto the face.

4. Place in a cake pop stick and serve!

Again, another super quick and easy design- you can do the antlers in loads of ways, I chose the laziest haha!

For The Present Decorations:


-cake pop stick     – black ready-made icing     – selection of read-made icing colours for the main present colours      – 2x cake smoother

1. Using two cake smoother’s take a cake pop and push into a box shape. Allow to set for 10 mins in the fridge.

2. Roll out a large section of your choose (main colour) icing, place the square into the middle and fold icing around- smooth with cake smoother’s.

3. For the ‘ribbon’ cut thin strips of black icing, place one over each side attaching with a little water. For the bow; take a long strip and fold over into the middle, place onto the middle, again, with water.

4. Place in a cake pop stick and serve!

Out of all 4 these weren’t my best ones..the icing was a tad too thin so you can see small tares and some crumbs- I’m sure you own ones would be much better looking!

For The Snowman Decoration:


– cake pop sticks     – white cooking chocolate     – black ready-made icing     – orange ready-made icing    – colours for scarfs

1. Place a small and large set of cake pops onto a stick

2. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave- use a bowl as it’s easier when coating.

3. Prep a tray with parchment paper, begin to cover the cake balls with the chocolate- lie them on the tray to set in the fridge for 30 mins.

4. Once the cake pops have set start to make the black details. For The Hat; roll out some black icing and cut a thin strip for the brim, then take a small chunk for the top half and bend to fit the top. Attach with a little water. For The Face; roll to dots for the eyes, 6 smaller dots for the mouth and 3 larger dots for the buttons.

5. For The Nose; Take a small amount of orange and cut a long triangle. For The Scarf; Cut a strip long enough to go in-between the two cake pops- press into the join. For the ‘fold over’ par cut a thick rectangle and cuts strips into the bottom, attach at and angle.

And there you have a festive little snowman, you can easily alter the size of these and colours.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this festive cake pop post- these were so fun to make and surprisingly easy! Leave links for any of your own Christmas baking below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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