Christmas Party Looks ft. H&M

Hello 🙂

~ Blog-ember Day 9 ~

Following on from last weeks Dorothy Perkins Party Looks post, we shall be continuing this week with the wonderful brand that is H&M! From the most basic to to most flamboyant, they do style so well.

As with all these blog-ember posts please let me know your thoughts and links to posts below!

PicMonkey Collage

I shall be keep these bits to tops and accessories- with black jeans/trousers as my base! Let me know your thoughts on my picks and links if you have done similar posts!

Sequined Top – £19.99

As impractical as these sequin tops are, they are so stunning to look at! When I saw this one, with the darker / metal type colours, I just had to click on it. From seeing these before they tend to be fairly heavy due to all the sequins! Paired with black jeans and heels I think it would make a stunning combination.

Black Glitter Court Shoes – £29.99

I don’t know about you but, I must have 5 pairs of black heels; block, court, strappy, etc! But I am yet to have a sparkly pair. These don’t look to high either so great if your going out and about for the evening. All the heels/shoes I’ve had are always super comfy and wear well- a stunning pair of heel right here guys!

V-Neck Purple Blouse – £14.99

It’s what you’ve been waiting for; COLOUR haha! A smart shirt is always a great wardrobe staple- easy to dress up or dress down. Plus this warm plum shade is stunning! (stay tuned for more..) Paired with skinny jeans, heels and a statement necklace, see below, you’re onto a winner.

Black Laser Cut Clutch –  £14.99

I have seen the full-size handbag of this style every time I go into my local H&M store, the simple laser cut detail adds a touch of style and makes it more than just a plain black bag. The simple gold details and handy strap make it even more practical and great for everyday as well as going out!

Chiffon Beaded Blouse – £24.99

You will start to realise that I am not one for much colour haha! Here we are again with a sequined number, not so much though this time. With a double layer this top is both flattering and great for day or night. Great for a more casual evening with just enough Christmas sparkle!

Beaded Short Necklace – £7.99

If you have read any of my fashion-y posts before you will be aware of my love for a good H&M necklace! From the most simple detail to the most statement, they always got it right. Against the bright colours the golden tones of the necklace will warm up an outfit, it also comes in silver.

So there you have my 6 party fashion picks from H&M, as always I could have chosen half the website haha! I hope you have enjoyed this little post alongside the blog-ember posts? Let me know if you also are doing it and links to any posts below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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