Manicure Mondays : Snowy Snowman

Hello 🙂

~ Blog-ember Day 7 ~

Here we are with week two of our festive manicure Mondays here on the blog! I hope you enjoyed last weeks ‘Christmas Tree Nails‘?

I am secretly hoping that we will get some snow here in the UK..but it never last long when it does! So the next best thing is to do some matching nail art, yeah? I was surprised how simple this design was to do- and you know that I am no expert! I really hopw you enjoy this little post and the ones to come! Leave links to your Christmas nail posts below!

Snowy Snowman


Step One:

Start by prepping and shaping the nails as desired, apply a brush of white vinegar (to remove excess oils) and add a top coat- allow to dry.

Step Two:


Taking a white polish (I used Barry M White) and a large dotting tool make a large circle on the bottom of the nail (1), then with a smaller tool make a slightly smaller one slightly over-lapping above (2). Allow to dry.

Step Three:


Using a small dotting and a black polish (I used Barry M Black) start to make the hat, eyes and buttons in your desired styles.

Step Four:


Again with a small dotting tool; take an orange polish (I used Barry M Gelly ‘Mango’) dot and drag to make a carrot shape nose. Then using a brown polish (I used Body Shop ‘Chocolate Cutie’) create the stick arms with line movements.

Step Five:


The last step is to add on the snowman’s scarf- I used different bright colours for each one, as always do as you wish! The longer the nail the more space to paint ha ha.

Once everything is completely dry, seal with a top coat.


And there you have some cute snowmen on your nails! Even just doing one of these as an accent nail and the rest white. This may be my favourite look so far! Let me know if you are do blog-ember too!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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