Gift Ideas : For The Gals’

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~ Blog-ember Day 5 ~

Starting with the gift giving idea theme I thought is was fitting to start today with my ideas for the gals’! Whether you want some ideas for you female family members or something for the girls at work I hope some of these ideas will suit! As always these ideas won’t be too expensive and from local places!

It’s always easier to buy for the girls’ as most of the time it’s things we would but for ourselves anyway haha!

As always, leave me links if you have done gift-guide posts below 🙂

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Handbag / Purse

A nice handbag is always a good gift idea, or even a nice purse! You can get some great quality and looking handbags on the high street- H&M is always my go to for a new bag! Personally, I think they simpler the style the more stylish it looks sometimes. I got given a basic black handbag last year which came in really handy when my last one had a handle-snap moment! Again with a purse, keeping it either black or tan in a simple style is a good bet for a gift.

Scarf / Glove Sets

Much like the handbag/purse mention above, other accessories are always a good bet. As a main present or as a stocking filler. Everywhere does scarfs these days– even the supermarket fashion brands! Personally I think Primark ones are great for the money and the quality is pretty decent. Most places have matching sets also; New Look, H&M, Primark is where I would look for a good bargain!

DIY Beauty Box

I have a post coming up on this next week, a super easy idea that can be adapted and added to. For make up lover, people getting into make up or for a nice gift I have made some ideas for each category. Click Here to view the full post! 🙂

DIY Food & Drink Hamper

Much like the above but for food and drink! Even if it’s a nice box of chocolates and bottle of wine wrapped up nicely it can make a great gift! Or, for example, if they love American food you could make a mini hamper filled with US candy- I believe that big Tesco stores have a USA section!

Stationery / Craft

I may sound really old here, but I love buying nice pens and paper! Even Paperchase do some lovely sets which are so handy to have around- for fellow blogging pals we are always going through note pads haha! Craft wise, I always get a few bits such as buttons, ribbons etc from Amazon for my Mum. Just little bits put in a nice box is so simple but can be so effective.

Small Gift Ideas (Secret Santas)

There is always that person who you have to get a gift for who you either don’t really know or really like! When in doubt a simple tube of nice hand cream can be good! Or even a nice soap or bath soak. Mini boxes of chocolate is another safe bet too. Depending on your budget limit there are so many options- even a £5 gift card for coffee or Superdrug!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

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