Current Hair Care Heroes

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~ Blog-ember Day 2 ~

Hair care isn’t an area that features a lot on here, I don’t have any real ‘needs’ for my hair or have any area I’m trying to fix. However, I have been using a combination for a few months now which has been working wonders with my hair.

So, what is this perfect pairing I hear you cry..

Dove Hair Therapy Oil Care Shampoo & Aussie ‘Take The Heat’ Leave-In Conditioner


I have been using these two products intermittently for ages now, but never had I used them together! Funnily enough I first purchased the Dove Oil Shampoo by mistake; normally anything oil based just makes my hair get greasy quicker and doesn’t do much good. This shampoo oh my! The rich the creamy shampoo leaves my hair looking healthy and clean for up to 3 days. Plus it smells, like all ย Dove products, AMAZING. I think they are filtering out the old packaging (see link) – I have found these in Poundland and I purchased 7 tubes. No joke. I use the matching conditioner now and then which is also very nice and nourishing. If you haven’t tried this shampoo, pop into your local Poundland or 99p Store and see if you can still find them!

After washing with the Dove shampoo I give a generous spray of the Aussie Spray into my hair- again, it smells so good. Once worked through the hair I either blow dry or leave to air dry. The main amazing-ness of the product I have found is when straightening; I don’t normally (on second/third day re-straightening) apply any heat protectant. But- I would never dare not now! I spray a little onto a hairbrush and brush through each section of hair. It soothes and just makes everything look better! It’s also nice to spray onto the hair ends to add some moisture and scent.

So that was my mini review of these two amazing hair-care products, I#m sure many have tried these already! Let me know your thoughts on them and any other hair-care recommendations below!

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