Sponge or Save..?

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

The Real Techniques Complexion Sponge has featured many a time on this blog, as soon as I first tried it I was hooked! It made such a difference to applying base; a fuller coverage and gave a nicer finish.

I have only been using the sponge for about a year now and I recently replaced it. I (tried) to wash it every week but, but as the months went on if though it was clean it changed in application. At around ยฃ5 per sponge it isn’t too expensive but for what it is some may argue so.

Before I re-purchased the RT sponge I had a few days without it, which is when I came across another alternative. I always like to have a few sponge off-cut packs is for nail art looks around, I used to use the ‘triangles’ to apply base years ago. So I gave one ago again, thinking it wouldn’t be as good as the professional but- it works just as well!


So, I picked up a bag full (30apx) in Primark for around ยฃ2 and started to experiment! Since switching to these I tend to use one for a week or so then simple throw away. Of course you could wash it these but it’s easier and hygienic for me this way. I have also noticed that mu skin has feel and looker clearer- I do still suffer with breakouts and this more hygienic use has been helping stop the spread of the demons!

Don’t get me wrong- I still adore the Real Techniques sponge and would recommend it, but using this ‘disposable’ method is really working well for me! So of course I had to share it with you!

Let me know your thoughts on these methods and any other recommendations on the subject! Make sure to leave links etc!

Thank You So Much For Reading This Post ๐Ÿ™‚


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