Favourite Five : Autumnal Nail Polishes

Hello 🙂

Ahhhh I do love the autumnal changes- especially with fashion and beauty. Following on from my Autumnal Lips post it’s only fair to include nail varnish!

The change in seasons calls for the darker, richer nail polish shades which I am totes excited about- there are of course way more than five polishes I could have picked but these were the ones that called to me haha!


As always please do let me know your favourite shades- I hope you enjoy theses!


Going left to right:

Barry M Gelly ‘Chai’

The grey is one of my favourite polishes, you only need one coat and you are good to go! It’s a deeper grey that is great for Autumn and as a base for any nail art design. A very thick polish with great lasting power! The perfect shade of grey for the coming months.

Maybelline Forever Strong ‘Forever Red’

Another lovely deep tone, I love wearing deep reds and burgundy’s in the autumn. It’s more for the transition towards, dare I say, Christmas! Nevertheless this is a gorgeous shade from Maybelline and the Super Stay’s have great formula too!

Barry M Gelly ‘Blackberry’

My most recent purchase and another firm favourite of the moment! This gorgeous deep navy is stunning and even better with a glitter. One which I shall be reaching for a lot these coming season. I purchased with a Barry M Glitterati polish which is just stunning!

Essie ‘Vested Interested’

I believe this polish is from Essie’s A/W collection last year. A deep green, blue polish which isn’t too much of either. It applies darker than it looks in the bottle and it is a stunning shade. A great polish to ombre or alone for a warmer tone. I shall be wearing this more this year hopefully!

Barry M Gelly ‘Plum’

And last but not least Plum from Barry M, again one from last years A/W nail polish releases. I can never resist a purple..I know I have said this about all of these polishes but this is so stunning. Opaque with just one coat I use this year round. A great polish to toes too!

So there are my Favourite Five Autumnal Nail Polishes, please let me know your personal favourites and or links to posts below!

Thank You So Much For Reading This Post 🙂


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