F.M.F : Quick Fix – Calming Clay Mask

Hello 🙂

With the change in temperature my skin has started to become a tad drier and sensitive. I much prefer the colder weather but it does take it toll the skin, so I have been trying some new masks to hopefully help with everything! Whenever I’m browsing the skincare section in my local Boots these Quick Fix Facial Masks always attract the eye. I have read some great reviews and I love the look of the packaging, so when I saw them for half price the other day I couldn’t help myself!

I may have *cough* accidentally *cough* purchased 3 different ones..

But onto this weeks Face Mask Friday using – Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay Mask


I must say firstly how pretty this tube is- half the reason I got was for that hehe! As you can see this mask is suited for those of us who have sensitive and red skin- I wouldn’t say my skin is particularly sensitive but the redness combating element is what attracted me, I couldn’t wait to try it!

Reading the info on the back is states how each ingredient is going to help with the sensitivity and redness:

”Oatmeal – helps to relieve skin dryness and discomfort, Aloe Vera – perfect for helping to reduce skin inflammation and provides moisture, Chamomile Extract – helps to soothe and calm sensitive skin, Rose Extract – helps to minimise redness caused by enlarged capillaries”

IMG_7088The formula of the mask is thick & creamy, I want to say that it has a peachy scent..I think it’s the mix of the aloe vera and the rose elements.

As always I applied the mask with a flat foundation brush and left it on for the directed 10 mins. One the skin the mask felt calming and a little tingly. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the scent but for 10 mins it’s something I can deal with. Before applying I waiting until my cheeks had some redness to them to gauge how well this mask will reduce it. Sadly, for me this mask didn’t do much for my redness- it did however make my skin feel really soft and supple.

Overall this was a nice mask but for me it didn’t so anything for my redness. More to add some moisture and give softer skin! As I said in at the start, my skin isn’t that sensitive so I may be the wrong audience for this mask. As they were half price when I got them I have two other masks from the range coming on the blog shortly which hopefully will be better!?

If you have sensitive skin I would recommend it as it feels calming and soft on the skin.

For £2.59 half price these masks are a steal! I think I shall pay full price for these now I’ve tried them- let me know your if you’ve tried any other masks from the Quick Fix Ranges and how they worked for you!


Thank You So Much For Reading!

~ B ~

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