Manicure Monday : Lovingly Lavender

Hello 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend!?

A really quick and simple M/M today; Lovingly Lavender 


This light purple polish was a recent find in my local New Look sale section- alongside maybe a few more..

I wasn’t sure what to do ‘design’ wise with this colour as it’s so delicate, so I opted for some simple flowers! This purple colour is so nice and great for a subtle hint of colour without being offensive.


So of course starting with my Nail Prep, with a brush of White Vinegar– then applying a base coat!

Taking a light purple, apply 2 coats until fully opaque and allow to dry fully!

Using a medium size dotting tool and a dark purple (Barry M Gelly in Blackberry ) make 2-3 large flowers on your nail. Using a slightly smaller doter make a few smaller flowers around the nail. For the centers (I used Barry M Gelly in Greenberry) with a small doter dot each center. Fill in gaps, if needed, with small dots of the colour.

As always you can go as small or full on with the flowers!

So that’s it for this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick nail look post. As ever pleas leave me links to your nail art pages or instagrams!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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