Favourite Five : Autumnal Lipsticks

Hello 🙂

Firstly, I feel like I need to apologize for all the lipstick posts that have been typed on here recently; I have been loving the deeper colours and trying to be more daring with wearing them! As you will know if you follow my blog am I normally a lover of the neutrals shades, like most beauty things if I keep seeing people wearing something I can’t help but buy some for myself hehe!

So I thought today I would share with you my ‘Favourite Five Autumnal Lipsticks


– although I think technically we are in winter now.. Please let me now you favourite colours for this time of year and links to blogs / instagrams!

Going left to right we have:


Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Lipstick (30)

This stunning cherry shade is the latest edition to my collection, this year I have been IMG_7044loving the Rimmel Kate lipsticks (as we shall see again shortly!). It’s not too red or too purple in colour; I would call it a cherry but still with the freshness of a deep pink. One that could be worn all year round, as with all of the Kate lipsticks the formula is creamy and highly pigmented. Long lasting and most have a semi-matte finish. Against my pale skin tone it doesn’t make me look too ‘white washed’ in contrast! A truly stunning colour!

Freedom Pro Lipstick – Naked Beauty (114)

IMG_7047You may remember this little lipstick from my Freedom Lipsticks Post a few months ago! Even thought this lipstick, plus a few other in this post, isn’t a dark shade it’s still a darker neutral- more brown. Swatching this lipstick it appears to be tan in colour, but once on the lips it transfers to a lovely warm light brown. Much better suited to this time of year than in the brighter months. As I typed in my original post on the lipsticks the formula and colour payoff is really good for the tiny price! I believe some Superdugs are getting a Freedom stand so if you get one have a swatch of the lovely shade!

New Look Pure Colour Lipstick – Deep Pink (74)IMG_7048

Once again, we have seen this lipstick before – it’s more on the pink side of these shade but with it being on the warmer (on me) I had to include it! As the name suggests this colour is a deep pink, not too dark but more of a warmer mid-tone-pink. I swear this makes sense in my head haha! Since New Look has launched their make-up range it has gone down really well, I have tried a few bits and most of it is really good. I have been using the lipsticks from the range a lot and need to go back for some more; A great everyday colour!

IMG_7053Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Blushing Mauve (460)

I was unsure if this lipstick had been discontinued as I found in for £1 in Boot’s a few months ago- Wether this was just old packaging as you can still find it online! Again I may be slightly cheating with the colour as we’re still on the warmer pick tones. On me these deeper pinks are darker than regular neutrals as my natural lip colour is deep pink. The shade is much darker than the previous two and has the brown undertone with is perfect for this season. I haven’t tried that many lip products from Revlon so any reccomendations are warmly welcomed!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Lipstick (04)IMG_7054

Sadly I think this lipstick has been discontinued! 😦 I found in Poundstretcher the other day for a £1- the link is an eBay one but it’s silly to spend that much on it! This shade is by far the darkest on this list, also it may be the darkest in my collection! I only bought it as it is such a wild colour (for me anyways) and as it was a £1. Not sure if I will be brave enough to wear this out day to day but maybe for a certain look!? Again, as with all the Rimmel Kate lipsticks they are creamy and have a great colour pay-off.

So there are my favourite five autumnal lipsticks, I know that I may have cheated slightly with the pink-ery shades but I can never be without one! Like I mentioned before, let me know your favourite shades and links to your social media! Stay tuned for my Nail Polish version soon!

Thank You So Much For Reading This Post 🙂


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