Halloween Manicure #3 – Pumpkin Picking

Hello 🙂

Our final week of Halloween Manicures- I’ve loved created the  ‘Bloody – No – Nails‘ & Sticker Looks! With this week being Halloween Week it had to be pumpkins  – Now, I’ll be honest with you..this isn’t my best one- I don’t have a steady enough had to for the face detail haha, but I thought you’d get the initial idea! As always I hope you enjoy these ideas over the next few weeks and please link me to your posts or Instagram’s!

Halloween Manicure #2 – Pumpkin Picking


Like I said, this isn’t my best detailed look! I think I needed a super thin dotting tool or brush to get the faces right. But from a distance they don’t look too bad! Hopefully you can get better results- let me know you nail art ideas!



Bright Orange Polish     Black Polish     Light Green Polish   Small Dotting Tool     – Surface to place polish (old large lid)

Step 1 : Apply a base coat then start by painting your nails with a bright orange polish (I used Barry M Gelly ‘Mango’) and allow to fully dry.


Step 2 : Place some of your light green polish (I used Barry M Gelly ‘Key-Lime’) onto your polish surface. Using a small dotting tool draw triangle shapes coming down from the top of your nails. These can be whatever size you want. Apologies for the black dot in the pic- just as I started the next step I forgot about this photo haha!


Step 3 : Placing some black polish (I used Barry M Black) onto your surface draw on your desired faces or expressions!


Step 4 : Once all base polishes are completely dry apply a top coat to seal in design and you are done! Like I say, your version will hopefully be a lot better than mine!

Not my best Halloween nail art look but one you can hopefully get the idea with. As always please let me know your favourite Halloween nail art looks and links below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

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