Quick & Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Hello 🙂

Carrying on with the Halloween theme over here on thee blog I thought I would try out some suitably themed cupcakes! I’ve never really been into Halloween, trick-or-treating, etc but any excuse for something creatively themed- YES!

I looked around for ideas and these four cupcake design were really simple to do and didn’t take long at all!


I really hope these can be helpful ideas if you’re in need of a quick idea for a party or to bring to work- let me know if you try these or links to your own ideas/blog posts below 🙂

Before we get into the fun decorating bit we best bake the cupcake basis for them all; using my Chocolate Cupcake Recipe in brown cases and making a batch of both the Vanilla & Chocolate Buttercreams.

#1 There’s A Ghost!


– For the cake base; take one of the chocolate muffins and add some chocolate buttercream to make the top level. You may need to level off the cupcake before doing so. For this one you can be generous with the buttercream!

– For the ghost; using a ready-made white icing (I used) roll out a thick circle slightly larger than the cupcake. Swirl cut around the edges to add movement to the ‘ghost’! Using half a cake pop stick place on a white marshmallow on and place in the middle of the cupcake- don’t push all the way down as you want height to the ghost but make sure it’s sturdy. Place over the white icing and wrap around the marshmallow, press down onto the base of the cake to secure. Using a black icing pen or gel draw on the faces!

#2 Pumpkins In The Garden

IMG_6960– For the pumpkins; using some cake pop sticks cut in half place a marshmallow on each one. With a orange colouring gel (I used) and a small brush paint on the gel until covered, place in the fridge to dry. Once gel has dried, using a black food pen or gel to draw on your desired faces- allow to dry again.

– To assemble; taking a choc muffin add some chocolate buttercream to make the top level. Cut off some of the top if required. Once the top is buttercreamed and level place marshmallow in the middle of the cake, don’t worry if there is a bit of space between the marshmallow and the cake. Take a little of the vanilla buttercream and add some green (I used) until coloured. Fill a pipping bag with the mixture adding a small star tip, pipe within the gap between the marshmallow and cake, on the top of marshmallow and around the sides- or as desired! I added some of the piping gel neat onto the green to add definition.

#3 Graveyard Grounds

– For the tombstone; make grey icing, about 3 tbsp icing sugar adding a little IMG_6959water at a time until a thick consistency. Add a small amount of black gel (I used) until dark grey in colour. With small shortbread biscuits, or any biscuit thin with a texture, pour over the grey icing and set. My icing ran down slightly but I liked the effect it ended up having with the ridges from the shortbread. Once icing is set, using a black gel pen or icing add some stone effects and/or writing.

– To assemble; with a choc muffin level off (save crumbs) and add choc icing. Make icing risen in the center. Place the ‘tombstone’ on one side of the cake, again taking a little vanilla buttercream add some green gel (I used). Fill a pipping bag with a small star tip, pipe around the tombstone and around the rest of the cake. Using the saved crumbs add around the top to resemble molehills.

#4 A Cut Above The Rest


– For the cake base; take one of the chocolate muffins and add some chocolate buttercream to make the top level. You may need to level off the cupcake before.

– Making the cuts; using a ready-made white icing (I used) take a small amount and roll out slightly, add in a drop of pink gel (I used) and orange gel (I used) and knead into the icing until a light skin colour appears- build up as desired. Once coloured cut out a thick circle slightly bigger than the cake. Using a spoon mark out the cuts and start to pull them outwards to deepen. Start to add black and pink colouring gel to the cuts- mix with a toothpick. Add strawberry sauce in the cuts for blood. Finally, thin out some of the skin icing and cut to look like over-hanging skin.

So there are my four easy Halloween cupcake design ideas, all really simple and easy to make! I had so much fun making these and I hope they can be helpful for you guys!? Please let me know of your Halloween cake ideas or any posts below- I have also done some Halloween Nail Art Looks!

As always thank you so much for reading 🙂

~ B ~

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