Winter Wishlist : H&M

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Following on from my New Look Winter Wishlist post the other week, I thought it would be only fair to conduct a list from H&M! I do worry that most of these compilations will be very similar in items! All the scarfs and ankle boots I just can’t contain my excitement!

So here are my Winter Wishes from H&M..

PicMonkey Collage

As always, please let me know your favourite items from H&M and your winter fashion picks ๐Ÿ™‚

PicMonkey Collage - CopyBottle Green Fine-Knit Jumper

H&M do basics so well, again, I have many a H&M jumper in the wardrobe! I love this green colour and the lightweight style. The real chunky knit jumpers are nice but I always get so hot in them- layering with these finer knits is perfect go-to winter / Autumn style. Plus for ยฃ12.99 they won’t break the bank, with a great selection of colours there’s one colour for everyone! My jumper collection is set to increase..haha!

Long Black JacketPicMonkey Collage - Copy (2)

Jackets and coats aren’t something I own a lot of, I have a few basic style but (again) unless it’s super cold I get too hot it them against other layers! I do however love the over sized blazer style coats, I had one from New Look last year but it’s now too big for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The simple structure is stunning and can work with any outfit. Plus it’s not too heavy a huge collar like some have. I shall be looking for this in my local store asap!

PicMonkey Collage - Copy (3)Heeled Chelsea Ankle Boots

I’m sure H&M bring out this style of boot every year- and as much as I love the style of them sadly my feet are a tad too wide for them! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Again, such a simple style with can go with pretty much any outfit or look. Even though these are too narrow for me I always trick myself and try them on- really comfy and a little heel is perfect. I would get them in both colours hehe!

Jersey Baseball TeePicMonkey Collage - Copy (4)

A very simple basic style of t-shirt but one I am really liking this season, actually a style that has been a key style throughout the summer. I really like the grey marl and black colour duo as it can go with any colour jean and work with most accessories. Like the jumper, you have plenty of colour choices. Even just for lounging around in these tops are super comfy and a great basic to own!

PicMonkey Collage - Copy (5)Floral Patterned Scarf

Oh how I love scarfs; thin, chunky, plain or patterned! Scarf cover up and add texture to a plain outfit. Even though I probably don’t really need any more these patterned H&M ones are so pretty! Available in both cool and warm toned floral patterns these scarfs are great for a pop of colour / pattern in a plain outfit- the blue would great with the great jumper!? If not for yourself these scarfs make great gifts!

Large Burgundy HandbagPicMonkey Collage - Copy (6)

I think the majority of my handbags are from H&M..they are so simple in design but yet so chic looking. I have the older version of this over sized handbag in black, but when I saw this colour it was too much! Normally I stick to the standard black as it just goes with everything, I am so tempted to get this colour though! A classic, stylish look which can add class to a plain outfit.

And there are my 6 fashions picks from H&M for AW15, of course there were many other rings to choose from!

I hope youโ€™ve enjoyed reading this little post and please let me know yours below!

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚

~ B ~

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