First Impressions : Rimmel The-Only-One Revolution Lipsticks

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Another new product from Rimmel this morning, you may remember the SuperCuler Mascara I reviewed the other week! But today we have..

 – First Impressions : Rimmel The Only One Revolution Lipsticks –


According to Rimmel, these lipsticks are a no compromise all-in-one lipstick; for long-lasting colour, comfort, moisture and wear. I had a invite e-mail from Boots a few weeks back but I haven’t seen that many promos for them as I would have expected! The packaging on these new lipsticks are different their standard bullets. I’m yet to see these in either my local Boots or Superdrug so these were purchased online with little swatch info! So these turned about the to pretty similar hehe! I only got two (as they were on offer at the time) so see how the colours and formulas were.

So let’s start typing about these new lippies!

#200 It’s A Keeper         &         #700 Naughty Nude


Like I said, having not seen any swatches these two colours are quite similar in colour tone! But most of my lipsticks are haha! The packaging is really nice and the black bullet is stylish and sleek. The actual lipstick – stick is a lot thicker / rounder than the normal teardrop shape. It’s more a shape that one may expect from the balm. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just these two colours but they have a really sweet watermelon scent!

Looking at the colours (L #200 R #700) again they both have a berry like tone.


‘It’s A Keeper’ (left) has a very blue pink tone but still with a richness of colour.


On me, this is very similar to my lip colour as the pink tone is ever so deeper. A very nice everyday colour, natural and great for every occasion. It looks lighter on my lips than as swatched. From the name ‘It’s A Keeper’ I am guessing as it’s such a neutral shade it a great all rounder for everyone. I really do like this colour, I patted off most of the lipstick and the lips are still left with a tint from the colour which is subtle.

‘Naughty Nude’ (right) is a much more warmer and slightly darker toned pink.


Honestly, I was expecting (and hoping) that this would be a lighter nude shade rather than the name is ‘Naughty Nude’.It does has the deeper brownish tone to it which does darken it on the lips but I wouldn’t call this a nude for me. It is a lot darker in person than in the picture. Again, these two colours are very similar and I would have got different shades it I had been on a stand!

Application for these lipsticks isn’t as seamless as the regular teardrop shape. As mentioned the lipstick bullet is round and thick, so when applying particularly in the corners its easy to go ‘over the lines’ as you can see in the above images! Of course you can use a brush or do it extra carefully.

The formula is very creamy and balm like without being too thick or feeling greasy. They both apply like a regular lipstick but glide on that bit easier! The colour pay-off is really good (for these shades) which continues to last well- as work I got about 4-5 hours wear. Really nice formula on the lips and doesn’t feel to heavy or greasy.

Overall; I do like these two shades! I wish the ‘Naughty Nudes’ was more of a true nude colour but it’s a lovely colour non the less. With a creamy but long-lasting colour they are great for everyday! The one thing I’m not so keen on is the size of the product- if they had kept the original teardrop shaped bullet they would have been perfect. I’m still not overly sure what makes they ‘revolutionary’ but they are good lipsticks! Hopefully these will be in stores soon so I can have a good look at all the colours. At £6.99 they aren’t too much more than the regular Rimmel Lipsticks, currently all Rimmel is BOGOHP in Superdrug and Boots.

If you have tried this new lipsticks please let me know your thoughts or links to blog posts below or any good colour reccomendations!

Thank You So Much for reading,I hope this post could be helpful in some way 🙂

~ B ~

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