Halloween Manicure #1 – Bloody No Nails


The next few weeks of ‘Manicure Mondays’ will be a little different..

As Halloween is only a few weeks away I thought I would share some of my nail-art ideas with you! I have never done the whole dressing up and trick-or-treating but any excuse for themed nail art- YES! These are a few ideas I’ve done over the years (pre blogging) which are easy and quick to do. I hope you enjoy these ideas over the next few weeks and please link me to your posts or Instagram’s!

Halloween Manicure #1 – Bloody No Nails


This is always my go-to Halloween nail look- mainly because even if you make mistakes it will look like it was meant to be! As you can see, I didn’t clean up around the nails to add to effect- you could even add some dark eyeshadow for a deeper effect!? Super easy, quick and gruesome hahaa!



Clear Polish     Bright Red Polish     Black Polish     Dark Red/Brown Polish   Small Dotting Tool     Surface to place polish (old large lid)

Step 1 : Paint nails and go over cuticles with a clear polish, if you have some straggly nail beds they have add to the look!

Step 2 : Using a bright red polish (I used Sally Hansen ‘All Fired Up) place some on the polish
surface, using a dotting tool start at the bottom of your nail bed and dot up the nail to form a dripping motion as desired.IMG_6718

Step 3 : Taking the darker red (I used Barry M Gelly ‘Chilli’) with the smaller end of the dotting tool add shadow to the nail bed and around the ‘drips’. Best to do this and the next step quickly so the colours can mix together.


Step 4 : Finally taking the black polish (I used Barry M Black) with the smaller dotting tool focus on the nail bed and lightly dot on the colour and build up as desired. Taking it lightly up the nail. As you can, hopefully, see in the pic adding in the colours whilst tacky gives texture and effect to the nail look. Again, leaving around the nails messy adds to it.



You could add a top coat to seal it all in but I wanted to keep the roughness and the texture to the nail look. You can easily switch out colours and build up the effect to your desires. I really do love this look as I hope you will too!? A really simple Halloween look- please leave me links to yours below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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