Back To Basics Baking

Hello 🙂

I realised, as I was planning some up coming baking posts, that I was yet to do a basic cake or buttercream recipe post! As I have been experimenting with different methods and ingredients I think I have cracked the perfect methods- and that I would share them with you today.

I don’t think these are exactly the same as my previous recipes, but I wanted to do this post so I can link it in future baking posts- as to not take up half the post with the basic recipes!


Vanilla / Chocolate Cup-Cake Recipe

Makes 12 Cupcakes

– 6 oz softened salted butter          – 6 oz golden caster sugar          3 tbsp vanilla extract              3 eggs                                        6 oz self raising flour or for chocolate 4 oz flour, 2 oz cocoa powder

1) Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy- about 5 mins

2) Add eggs to the mixture one at a time until combined, add in vanilla and mix well again

3) Slowly add in flour/cocoa until fully combined- don’t over mix!

4) Bake at 170′ fan : 15 mins for cupcakes, 10 mins for mini cupcakes

Vanilla / Chocolate Buttercream Recipe

5 oz softened salted butter          2 tbsp vanilla extract            – 1-2 tbsp milk if needed           – 10 oz icing sugar for chocolate 8 oz icing sugar, 2 oz cocoa powder

1) Beat the softened butter until light and fluffy

2) Slowly add in the icing sugar/cocoa until mixtures comes together- add a little bit of milk at a time if needed or more icing sugar if to soft

3) Mix in vanilla or any other flavouring of choice!

4) Allow to chill slightly if using for piping

So there are my two baking basic recipes that I have been using and shall use every time I bake- or until I find another perfect recipe haha! Please let me know your favourite cupcake and buttercream recipes or blog posts below 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading!

Happy Baking!

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