First Impressions : Rimmel Super Curler Mascara

Hello 🙂

We’re never too far away from a mascara post on here hehe- we have a very new one we shall be typing about this morning;

Rimmel London Super Curler 24hr Mascara


I saw this mascara in Superdrug last week, on offer for £6.99, and immediately picked it up! Most of the Rimmel mascaras I’ve tried have been really good and the brush looks like something that would work well. The tube is very similar to the Scandaleyes Mascaras, with a bright purple and gold design it looks great!

This mascara claims to add super volume and curl to the lashes lasting 24hrs. Looking at the current Rimmel mascara selection online the only ‘curl ‘ based one is the Kate Moss Scandaleyes, which I wasn’t impressed with!

Onto the brush –


Looking at the brush it is very thick with a lot of bristles, with a slight curve- I expected it be be a more defined with what the claims of the mascara are. The bristles are flexible and the main brush itself is sturdy which also narrow towards the top of the wand. Formula wise it’s thick but not too gloppy.

Application & Wearability – 


I was expecting great things from this mascara and honestly, it let me down a bit; after the first layer (above)  my lashes were coated but not all that volumised or curled..a very nice natural lash look but I do prefer a more dramatic one! Wanting to give this mascara another chance I applied a second layer a few mins later-


– which did give more volume and a little more curl! Looking at these two pictures my outer lashes definatley have more volume and colour. I was trying different methods of application (twisting, zig-zag, etc) and a combination of all worked best. After this first application I did like the mascara but for what it claims to do, not so much. It did wear well over a day and towards the evening I could still see the hold of a curl which was impressive!

Having used this mascara for almost a week (everyday) I haven’t improved much on the lash look as above. Like most mascaras it does get slightly better as it ‘warms up’ but as it states to add ‘super curl and volume’ I’m not so sure on it..a good mascara but for me not for what it claims sadly. 7/10

Of course everyone’s application and thoughts on any mascara are going to be different and I would recommend giving this a try! If you have tried it please let me know your thoughts and/or blog links below!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little post,

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

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