Manicure Monday : #PartyPolished Lace Details

Hello 🙂

Today we have a very exciting Manicure Monday post..

The other day I was contacted by the lovely people at bonprix about the blogger competition they have launched this month called ‘#PartyPolished’- taking inspiration from their affordable party-wear and collection and Barry M to create a nail art look!

For this competition there are 6 dress choices; I went for dress number 3 – Black Lace Yoke Maxi Dress.Lace-Yoke-Maxi-Dress-938461FRSP_W02It was a tough choice between them all but one can never go wrong with a simple yet stunning black dress for any party! For someone like me a maxi dress can skim and hide everything haha! Plus the touch of lace detail around the neckline is lovely. It also comes in three other stunning colours- so let’s move onto my nail look..

Manicure Monday : #PartyPolished – Lace Details


So of course starting with my Nail Prep, with a brush of White Vinegar– then applying a base coat!

Using a thin striping tool and Barry M Black nail polish, going from corner to corner from the bottom on the nail, make a cross shape up the nail. I would have used pointed stencil tips but I’m all out! Once you have the cross shape fill in the top half with the black polish to replicate the neckline of the dress, allow to dry slightly.

Once touch dry, with a small dotting tool and the Barry M black polish make 2-3 small dots from the center of the point down towards the nail bed.

For the lace nail; now as I always say, my freehand nail art skills are nothing of the professional level! I wanted to try something freehand instead of using a sticker or stamper. I started by making some lines (using the striper tool) on the nail, then taking some different sized dotting tools making dots along the line to create a hem type look.


I added some gold (Barry M Gold Foil)  to add a touch a glam against the black- of course you could change this colour to whatever you wanted! Continuing to add lines of different sized and spaced dots until you create the lace look you want. Wait about 30-45 mins to allow nails to fully dry before adding a topcoat to avoid smudging!

And there is my #PartyPolished lace inspired nail look for the bonprix competition, I would like to say a big thank you to the team for contacting me about the competition! Let me know if you have done a look as well and as always link to your nail blogs! Or any good picks from the bonprix range!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

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