The Skincare Journey..

Hello 🙂

Skincare has feature many times on my blog; masks, toners, treatments, etc!

I have struggled with spots / facial skin since around 11 years old- I refrain from calling it acne as I don’t feel it was to the extremes that sadly it does come in for some. When at it’s worst, 12-15, my skin was very spotty and highly ‘combination’. Thinking about it now, my diets and lifestyle didn’t do me any favors!  But this isn’t a pity story, just an intro!

Recently I think I have *knocks on wood* got a skin care routine that FINALLY does something! Plus with all the back-to-school posts it might be helpful for anyone wanting so advice or suggestions!? Within these past 10 (wow) years of skincare battling, like most of you reading this I have tried so many products and brands!

If you’re reading this and your skin is starting to have spots and become oily my advice is to try as many different brands as you can, give each product a few weeks to see a difference- it’s all down to trail and error. Even when you find one thing that works keep trying more products. Of course if you have sensitive skin be careful with the salicylic acid levels!

Back then I would be putting numerous spot treatments on my face- I wore makeup most days to cover then it would be straight to treatments when home. Luckily in the last few years my skin has gotten better, still with a few spots problem areas but much more manageable. Which I think is down to my recent skincare switching routine..


Evening: (1) remove eye make-up and most of base with baby wipe, (2) using Clearasil Deep Treatment Toner on a cotton pad wipe off remaining make-up, (3) using Garnier Pure Active Micellar on cotton pad around face, (3) use Witch Blemish Stick on any blemishes and/or Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisture on drier patches.

Morning: (1) cleanse face with Garnier Original Micellar Water or if very spotty Garnier Pure Active Micellar on cotton pad (2) every other day, in shower, exfoliate / scrub with Superdrug Tea Tree Facial Scrub

I find using a harsh spot treatment in the morning can aggravate my skin and cause redness, I have totally fell for the Micellar hype and wouldn’t be without either of the two!

As a weekly spot treatment I swear by The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask– it works wonders! If you haven’t tried it go into a store and see if they have a sample size. AMAZING. There are loads of great masks around!

If my skin is particularly dry I like to use Nivea Regenerating Night Cream (review here), this thick cream solves any dryness and makes my skin feel soft and healthy.

The key thing I think it changing your routine so your skin doesn’t get used to a product. I’m always still trying new products and always open to suggestions! I really hope this post could be helpful in some way, please let me know your favourite spot fighting products or any other skincare reccomendations!

Thank You So Much For Reading This Post 🙂


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