ASDA ‘Cafè Latte’ Range Review

Hello 🙂

If you follow my blog, or any of my social media, you would know my love and need for all things coffee; hot, iced or flavored!

Earlier this summer I reviewed the Nescafe Instant Iced Coffee mixes which are nice, but a tad too sweet for me. I always like to have a few ready-made iced coffees in the fridge- normally ones from Aldi as they are really nice and super cheap! However, when there is a new brand of iced coffees in a supermarket there’s a strong chance it will be purchased hehe! I can’t seem to find these online at the mo!

And here we are with this post today;


I saw these new Cafè Latte’s in my local ASDA store the other day for around 70p a bottle (price at the time) ! A really good price for a decent 330 ml size. The packaging is really stylish and smart looking. I think ASDA may have done a few iced coffees before, they do stock Starbucks and Nescafe ranges. I have found that some brands of ready made coffees can be overly creamy and too sweet. With 3 flavours it was only fair to test them all..

Vanilla FlavourIMG_6456

Vanilla flavour in coffee is one I rarely have; I find that sometimes it can make it too sweet for me or taste very artificial.
When a decent syrup it can be lovely but I think the bad experiences put be off slightly! Having said that however this flavour was surprising nice! Not overly sweet or artificial in taste, I would say it’s more of a vanilla exact taste/smell rather than overly sweet to the drink. If you prefer the sweeter vanilla taste it may not be for you! I really enjoyed this flavour and was pleasantly surprised so! 8/10

IMG_6455Classic Flavour 

The standard, go-to flavour when browsing a iced coffee selection! As mentioned before, some iced coffees can taste to creamy and sweet. The initial taste is a strong but sweet coffee, with the light cream of the milk. It had that slight thickness (I presume from full fat milk) in texture. A very nice original flavour which isn’t too sweet of creamy- an ongoing theme.. A very nice classic, everyday iced coffee flavour! 7/10

Caramel FlavourIMG_6457

Caramel iced coffee is my go to coffee of late, the sweetness of the caramel can take away some of the bitterness. So my hopes were very high for this one..Like thee above the coffee is a very strong and true coffee flavour. I do however find this a tad creamier than the other two. The caramel flavouring isn’t too sweet or artificial and is a nice background flavour. A really nice flavour combo, the perfect balance of strong coffee and caramel sweetness. 7/10


I really do like this new range of Iced Coffees from ASDA and I will definatley pick some more up to have in the fridge! Strangely enough the flavour that I rarely have in my coffee, vanilla, I think is my fav out of the 3! The coffee isn’t too sweet or creamy for a supermarket brand. Served with iced or blended with ice-cream for a frappuccino like drink!? For around 70p a bottle they aren’t too pricey either. If you shop in ASDA or pop in try a few of these flavours- let me know what you think!

The only bad thing I would say is that I wish (I hope) they would do ‘skinny’ versions!

Let me know your thoughts of you have tried these or any other nice read-made iced coffees out there!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂



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