Netflix Watch List Top 5

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I posted a while ago about some Old Comedy Shows that I had been watching on YouTube, and since getting my new Acer Tablet I have gotten back into Netflix! I have had it in the past but my laptop was soo slow to watch anything- one of the reasons I wanted a tablet was to use for watching TV and films, when blogging and such I like to have something in the background!


So, I thought I would share some of the series I’ve been watching recently, I love to find new shows to watch- please let me know what you’ve been watching! These shows may be super old so please forgive me if i’m too late on the hype! These are in no particular order:

#1 Orange Is The New Black

640px-Orange_is_the_new_BlackThis seems to be a love or hate series, it is definatley one where you have to pay attention! To give a basic plot; two women who were involved in drug dealing years ago, who now have separate lives, end up in prison for said drug work! We see the main character (Piper) change as she has to adapt to prison life, alongside seeing her ex associate and girlfriend. With the other key characters in the prison whom we get know know episode by episode. Personally I think the first two series have been the best. It is an odd show with its themes and characters but one which you can get lost in! The last series, for me, was like a new show. Piper seemed to be much more of a ‘bad apple’ and just more weird..However the more in depth stories on the cast was very well done! 8/10

#2 Arrested Development

I have seen memes of this show around tumblr & twitter for ages and n1280px-Arrested_Development.svgever watched the show- I couldn’t find it on YouTube
either! Like most of the shows on this post I would call it a mockumentary- apologies if I have got that completely wrong! It’s a sitcom without the laughter tracks which I would say give it the mockumentary feel. We are focused on the Bluth family and their crumbling empire, with the main son Micheal Bluth trying to hold everything together. Within this dysfunctional family we get to know each person and there view of the main events. There are only 3 series and the first 1 is the best. The last series, I think was filmed a few years prior to the second, lost the original feel for me. A funny series with some great characters! Well worth a watch. 7/10

#3 Faulty Towers

fawltytowers-75932Pretty sure this was mentioned in my Old School Comedy Post as linked above. I think it was when I found a few series on YouTube, but the quality was terrible! So when I found it on Netflix I was so pleased- they only have two series on sadly. A classic British comedy, we see Basil Faulty running Faulty towers against the awkward guests and troubling staff- whilst dealing with his wife! John Cleese is such a funny actor and Faulty Towers is one of the best old shows. It will definatley make you laugh and you can relate to all of the types of guest- or if you work with customers! One of those classic comedy  shows that will never get old! 8/10

#4 The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

A fairly new Netflix Original show and one which is worth watching! Ellie Kemper is such a funny actress (who also featuresUnbreakable-Kimmy-Schmidt
in another show here) and her quirky style is so unique. She normally play characters with a similar profile, it would be weird to see her in a serious character role. The basis of the series is on Kimmy, along with 4 other girls, who had been trapped underground in a bunker for 15 years by a crazy preacher. And on her return to ‘the real world’ she has to work out how to survive (not a a horrible way) in the modern world. With great characters and situations it’s a light hearted show to watch- hopefully there will be a second or sister series! 8/10

#5 The Office US

The_Office_LogoNow, I know I said this list was in no particular order but this may be my favourite! I have watched this show on Netflix & YouTube so many times and I never get bored of it. Some series are slightly better than others but the cast and characters cannot be beaten! I tend to have it on whilst I’m blogging or doing something as it just goes on and on. I have watched a few of the original UK series but I much prefer the US version. I’m sure everyone had watched this series but for me, it will never get old! With the story between Jim & Pam and the adventures of the staff it’s a must watch if you haven’t already! 10/10

So there are much Top 5 Netflix Series at the moment- please let me know any other good series out there!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂



7 thoughts on “Netflix Watch List Top 5

  1. I am obsessed with Orange is the New Black! Such an awesome show. So glad you like it as well 🙂 definitely have to check out some of the other shows you’ve listed!

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