First Impressions : Bourjois Volumizer Mascara


A few more of the mascara posts again recently; I seem to go in phases of buying certain make-up items!

Today we have: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara


This isn’t a ‘new’ mascara on the market (I’m guessing) as I picked it up in T-X-Maxx the other day. You can find some great bargain in there! And for £3.99 I couldn’t say no, I believe it’s around £7/8 full price. Bourjois mascaras have always worked well for me but as they are on the pricey side I tend to only buy when discounted. The ones I have tried are worth the price, but as they’re are so many good cheaper ones out there I can’t do it haha!

Enough with the babble, lets get typing into this first impression post!

This is a mascara I have been ‘eyeing up’ for a while; anything that claims to volumize and has a thicker brush greatly appeals. IMG_6384There are a few two-step mascaras out there but I don’t think I have ever tried one! Reading the tube it’s a simple base
coat application with the Step One Wand and added volume with Step Two. I IMG_6387assumed that, as the two wands interlock, the Step Two Wand may be a thicker cover that fits over Step One!? However, on closer inspection it seems that the second
wand acts (on the initial application) as a de-clumper. When applying the two wands ‘together’ the amount of product is thicker allowing for a heavier application. There is just one brush which works depending on the amount of mascara build up on the wand.  As you can see in the picture (on the Step Two Wand) The build up of product after removing the Step One wand- I hope you can see that clearly in the picture!

Looking at the brushes more closely you can see what I mean regarding the amount of mascara depending on which step. It’s a very odd gimmick..

PicMonkey Collage

I think the trick is also, with the ‘cover’ of Step Two, the wand looks thicker and could be another wand!? I may just be looking too much into it all..

Eye ApplicationSo, getting down to the most important part- application! I really did like the finished two-step look it gave!

Step One (alone) gives a very natural but lengthen look to your lashes. If you aren’t one for a really bold lash this may be a nice mascara just using Step One.

Adding Step Two really does add length, volume and definition! That false-lash effect one could say. t only took a few passes to achieve this look and I really am pleased with the application. I tried going in straight with the Step Two wand bu it was really clumpy- the thinner coat of Step One give that base of hold that you really need. One point I would make it to do your lower lashes with Step One wand as it’s very messy with Step Two!

So, overall- I really do like this mascara and would highly recommend it! The method behind the Two-Step process does confuse me slightly but I can let that go. For the £3.99 price it is really good and worth picking up if you find it! Like all Bourjois mascaras they are as good as they claim and give a great dramatic lash look.

I hope this post has been helpful,

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂



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