A Manicure With Vinegar!?

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

You may be a bit confused from the title of this blog post..I was the same when I fist saw the post by TheBeautifiedBlogger! Using vinegar within your manicure?!


Of course I had to try it myself and see how it works! You may recongnise this manicure from last week! After doing some research on the theory, it seems that the vinegar should remove any excess oils on the nails so the varnish will adhere better. I have had it before, after using a thick cutical or hand cream pre polish, the paint peeling off my nails.

I tested this theory out on my last manicure (pictures to follow), using a regular white vinegar which should be no more then ยฃ1 a bottle from any supermarket. As directed, applying a little to a cotton pad/ball and wiping the vinegar over the nail (I also paid attention to the cutical areas). Before doing this I had Nail Prepped my nails using a heavy hand cream to really test it!ย There is no smell of the vinegar once it is dry.

Below are the pictures from after the finished nails and to day 5:

(please excuse my broken little finger nail from day 2! I hope these pictures are clear enough!)

day1 day2 day3 day4 day5

I would have to firstly say that my nail polish couldn’t have probably gone on for a few more days! But, like my fellow nail addicts can relate, I got bored of the design and needed to change them for an event. I didn’t apply a top coat over the main colour. These nails go through hair washing, writing, cooking and a lot of ‘picking up’.

So, does it work??

I would say yes! The main change I did notice was on the appearance of my bare nails; they looked brighter and glossier with just a clear base coat. Polish did definatley apply better and there was no chipping on the main nail. Chipping on the tips I think is something you can’t really avoid with longer nails. I am going to continue this step one different colours and brands to see any differences!

Thanks again toย TheBeautifiedBloggerย for sharing this tip! I hope this post has been helpful- ย If you have any thoughts on this method or any other nail routine hacks please let me know or link your blog post!

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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