New Look Pure Colour Make Up Swatches

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

Recently on the blogging platforms I have been seeing a lot about the new Pure Colour Make Up range from New Look.


I always interested in fashion brand make up lines as you can find some great gems sometimes! Plus, after seeing MsBudgetBeauty review them on her YouTube channel I definatley had to try some bits..

I only got a few bits in store, mainly lip products going on the reviews I had seen on the some of the products. However after getting these I am going back for more bits ASAP!

So, starting with the one nail polish ‘Light Brown ยฃ3.99‘- I can’t find it online but hopefully the colours shows up enough on the pic!


With new nail varnish I only tend to get one to start, as I’m OCD about my nail polish display I like to have a decent amount of a brand. This colour (Light Brown) swatched nicely and looked like a great everyday neutral shade- and it has been my go-to for the last few weeks! It applies really nicely, two coats giving a full coverage. For my light skin it is a perfect light brown shade- light enough to still give a good colour pay off. It also lasts pretty well. I really love this colour and the design on the bottle and will be picking up some more shaded for sure- I shall keep you posted on that! 8/10

Moving on to the bulk my purchase; the lipsticks- ยฃ3.99 (L-R) Deep Pink & Minkย , same again with the links I’m afraid!

PicMonkey Collagep

Much like all of my lipstick posts on here recently we are sticking to the neutral tones and theses again looked so pretty when swatched. Applying these is really nice, there have a great, creamy formula which gives a nice colour pay-off and coverage.

PicMonkey Collage

The packaging on these is sleek and they do show the colour name on the bottom on the bullet. For the price they are pretty good and come in a range of colours. There wearability isn’t bad either! I love the mink colour for ‘a bit of something’ on the lips.ย 7/10

Last but not least we have a mascara- Black Resistance Mascara ยฃ4.99


I’m not too sure what the resistance means but out of the 4-5 they had it look the best brush for me. Mascaras are so hit and miss with any brand! But, this one is pretty damn good- with just one light coat the lashes instantly look longer.

PicMonkey Collagej

Building the mascara up it gives a dramatic and full lash look. I wasn’t sure if I would like the brush but it really works well! Again, if you find it give it a try for sure!ย 9/10

Overall I think for a high-street brand these products are pretty good. I haven’t tried everything yet as I didn’t want to spend too much incase they were no good- the nail polish is top of my list! If you have any reccomendations of products from the line or blog posts please let me know below!

I hope this post could be helpful in some way!?

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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