Benefit They’re Real .vs. W7 Absolute Lashes


Sorry, it’s another mascara post!

Not sure whether the whole ‘They’re Real’ hype is still going, but I saw this W7 dupe whilst searching Amazon and, here we are!


Benefit They’re Real .vs. W7 Absolute Lashes

Now, honestly I was never a real fan of the They’re Real..don’t get me wrong it’s a good mascara but for the price and compared with other mascaras it’s not worth it for me. I got this one from a Christmas set last year. For those of you reading this who love the They’re Real I thought I would see if there is a cheaper alternative out there for you!

Packaging : As you can see they are pretty much the same, the They’re Real I have is a mini but the full size is the same silver finish as the W7. The logo, product set-up is also similar. I like the style of the products.

Brushes : 


Again, there isn’t much between the two! Benefit on the left, W7 on the right. The W7 wand may be ever so slightly thinner but they both have the same signature spikey ball end. (that sounds wrong..)

Application :

PicMonkey Collage

Surprise, surprise there isn’t much difference! Both in application and finished look. One thing I must say is that they both have the same ‘scratchy- ness’ when applying. Whether that is due to the plastic, many bristled brush? But I didn’t find it nice when applying.

As you can see the finished look isn’t to different. However, I must say that I prefer the look of the W7! They both last well, but have the similar removing issues!

Prices : W7 = £3      Benefit = £19

Overall : I think I prefer the look of the W7, plus thinking about the price also. The Benefit is nice, and if you’re looking for 1 mascara it’s a nice one. But as a bargain hunter and dupe-hunter the W7 is a really good find / product! These aren’t my go-to mascaras (due to application) but good all the same.

So, if you’re looking for a dupe or thinking of trying the Benefit I really recommend the W7!

Please let me know your thoughts on these mascara and any other dupes out there!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂



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