Acer Iconia B1-730 HD Tablet Review

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Electronics have yet to feature on the blog, I think! I purchased this tablet a few weeks ago and thought I would share my thoughts on it with you. If you are in the market foe a tablet or looking for a review on this Acer one I hope this post can be helpful!

Acer Iconia One 7 (B1-730 HD) Tablet


I’ve been thinking about getting a tablet for a while, as I use my iPhone as an iPad! I had some laptop troubles a few weeks ago and was left without it for about a week, I do have my phone- but for e-mails, documents and blogging it’s easier on the bigger screen! So I started looking into tablets and came across this one on Tesco’s. My laptop is an Acer and is still working well going on 6 years so I based my thoughts on that. Oh course I read and watched reviews before purchasing.

The tablet was on offer for ยฃ59 down from ยฃ99, I was looking to spend no more than ยฃ80.

So, lets type about the tablet and usage!

Design : This is a small 7” tablet with a clear and crisp screen. The back is textured with 3 main buttons on the side- volume & lock. There is a memory card slot, headphone and charger plug. I think it looks really sleek and the perfect little size to carry in my handbag if needed.

Interface & First Impressions :ย Like any branded product there are a certain amount of ‘their apps’ on the tablet. The initial screens is a 5-slide split screen. Where one could split between family members, types of apps or work/home. I am only using the fist page at the moment. The table is easy to use and simply set out. Managing and changing your setting preferences is easy and, if you are used to setting up devices, like anything else. There are 3 buttons you can always acess when in a app; back, minimize and show apps they are open. Quick note about the camera, it isn’t the best but the back camera isn’t too bad- this wasn’t a feature is was buying it for.

Set-Up & Personalisation :ย As I said about the home screen, I only am using the first screen for all of my main apps. This is where all the apps I’ve downloaded and use go. It is easy to move, delete, uninstall and move apps around on the device. Press the circle button (along bottom middle) opens up all the programs/apps on the device. All apps are stored in here whether they appear on your home screen or not. I find this easy keeps apps where I want and allows ease of use!

Apps : Apps on this Acer tablet are via the GooglePlay Store, this linked with my standing YouTube and Google accounts and in really nice to use.ย I have downloaded the standard apps; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress which all work well. WordPress is better on a tablet rather than mobile as it’s easier to navigate the app. One app, which I’m not saying is Acer’s problem, that isn’t that good is Outlook (mail). It’s set out really weird and doesn’t show all the folders. One app which I have become addicted to is Colorfy..

Battery :ย A full charge, on full use, can last about a day. If just using for non videos, high apps it lasts about a day and a half. Can be charger via usb and mains.

Sound & Screen : As mentioned, this screen is clear and crisp. I have Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube (the main reason for getting a tablet!) downloaded and the quality is really good. The tablet plays HD and is perfect for Netflix and such. The sound is also good; there is one set of speakers at the end on the tablet, as lower levels the sound can be spotty but with headphones is is absolutely fine!

Tablet Accessories :ย To go with this tablet I purchased a case & stylus set on eBay. At first I wasn’t planning on using the stylus but now I would’t be without it! It makes using the tablet so much easier- plus avoids scratching and greasy fingerprints. and for games, like Colorfy it is a must! I did buy some screen protectors but the application didn’t really work..

Overall :ย I really like this tablet, I’m really pleased with it and is does exactly what I need! If you are after a smaller tablet I would highly recommend it. Easy to download apps, great for watching Netflix, iPlayer, etc. I wouldn’t pay full price for it, but if you find it on offer it’s worth it- plus make sure you get a stylus!

I hope this review has been helpful, please let me know if you have it or anything else you may want to know!

Thank You So Much For Reading,



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