First Impressions : Freedom Pro Lipsticks – Neutrals

Hello πŸ™‚

Today we have the first of a few Freedom Make-Up posts. I’ll be honest, I was a bit reluctant to get anything from Freedom. As they are pretty much identical to Make-Up Revolution (they are sister companies). But as ever, after seeing reviews and swatches online I gave in! Plus MissBudgetBeauty, whose blog and YouTube I follow, has been working with them and giving some great reviews.

So, today we shall be typing about some the neutrals from their Pro Lipstick Collection. I already have my eyes on more colours..


The shades I chose were; (left to right – same order in all images)

Pro Lipstick Pro Bare – Sooner or Later 112 , Pro Lipstick Pro Bare – Whispers 113, Pro Lipstick Pro Bare – Naked Beauty 114

Only now as I type this I realise that these are all ‘Pro-Bare’ and follow each other in number! All the Pro Lipsticks are Β£1 each and there are loads of different colours; I feel because they are so cheap I can justify buying a few more..or them all..WATCH THIS SPACE.

The packaging is really nice and the logo / branding has a high end feel for the pricing. I like the black and silver to bullets, which again, makes it feel more expensive than it is!

Let’s get onto colours,

PicMonkey Collage

These are in the same orders as above. Neutral lipsticks are featuring a lot on the blog recently! As buying any make up online is hard to determine to true colour of a product. However, I am really happy with these. They don’t swatch/apply as bold as they appear in the bullet- but for the price it’s not fair to expect everything! There is enough colour to see product pay-off. The lipsticks don’t have much of a scent, they apply well and feel moisturizing on the lips. Comfortable and non tacky. The lasting power isn’t great, but again for the price you can’t expect too much. That’s why I want to try some more colours and shaded to see the differences. *cough* another excuse *cough*

PicMonkey Collage

I really like all three colours! Sooner or Later is a lot lighter than appears, also quite sheer. Still a really nice lighter pink tone. Whispers was much more of a bright pink that I was expecting! Almost a fuchsia tone, which I don’t usually go for but I do like. And last but not least Naked Lunch, I will admit when I saw how brown it was I wasn’t holding out much hope for it. Luckily it applies so much nicer and a lovely neutral colour- this might be my fav out of the three!?

Overall, I do like these Pro Lipsticks. For the price and brand, also sister brands, they are better than I expected. For the price and range of colours I think they are really good and easy to get carried away with hehe! I shall definitely be getting some more of these to try- if you have tried any of these please let me know your thoughts and reccomendations! Plus on anything thing else from the brand. I have a few more posts on the eye and nail products from Freedom coming up!

Thank You So Much For Reading πŸ™‚



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