F.M.F : Avon Black Mineral Mask


Face Mask Friday again! I tell you, my collection of face masks is growing quickly..

Another long time fav of mine today :

Avon Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask


This is a full on face mask! And it does exactly what is says on the bottle. This masks, with a think black formula, really does work- I can see a visible difference after washing it off.

As this masks dries it goes to a light grey in colour, you can see where the mask has worked in the pore with little ‘spots’. You can kind of see what I mean in the picture- it’s a swatch on my hand as I would spare you looking at my face!


I would leave the mask on for about half an hour or until completely dry. This mask is a can’t talk properly mask!

It does take a little longer to wash off as it dries onto the skin thoroughly- but is not painful in any way. My skin always feels tighter and cleaner after using- I don’t know the science behind all the minerals but whatever they do it works. It’s normally on offer with Avon and is around Β£5 mark full price.

If you have tried this please do let me know- plus any face mask reccomendations!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little post πŸ™‚

Thank You So Much For Reading!



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