Manicure Monday : Bedazzled Bomb


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

I think I have mentioned before about my bargain finding obsession, especially when it comes to make-up! I do a few spots where I tend to fin some amazing steals- one being my local Pound-Stretcher store. I have found they have loads of old Rimmel London cosmetics for ยฃ1, when I see that stand full of new goodies my heart does skip a beat! I have gotten all sorts in the past from lipsticks, eye liners and ย A LOT of nail varnish- this week MM being inspired by two of my latest finds! If you have a one of these stores near you go in and see what you can find!

So, today we have:

‘Bedazzled Bomb’


The two polishes I picked up this week were the Rimmel Glitter Bomb Top Coat in Bedazzled and Rimmel 60seconds in Ring-O-Ring-O’Roses.


I have linked them just so you can get the info, I would hate to tell you to buy them at full price if you can find them for much cheaper!

So, starting with my Nail Prep I applied two coats of the light pink allowing them to fully dry between coats.

Then a layer a the glitter-bomb, you can go however heavy you want with the glitter. I do like this glitter but it’s not as good as other Rimmel top-coats. I love this shade a pink though!

Finish with a clear top-coat to seal in the glitter.

And that is another quick Manicure Monday for the week, I hope you enjoyed reading- please let me know your thoughts and reccomendations!

Thank You So Much For Reading



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