Rimmel ‘Kate’ Lipsticks : The Neutrals

Hello πŸ™‚

Now, I know what you’re thinking about the theme of this post..it’s another Kylie Jenner lip inspired post. And yes you would be half right. I have never really been into lipsticks until recently, I liked them but could never find the right colour. And thanks to all the Kylie Jenner lip colours I am now obsessed with neutrals. Not sure if I have done many lipstick posts..

Slowly my collection has been growing, both in my collection and on my wish-list!

Since most of my favourites are from Rimmel I thought it may be a good idea for a post. Plus as I type I believe all lip products are BOGOHP at the moment at Superdrug. I you have any good reccomendations please leave me a comments!


Going left to right we have:

Rimmel Kate Nude in ’43’

These ‘nudes’ are fairly new from Rimmel, there are 5 in the range and a lip treatment balm. This shade was the first one I picked up, they have shade chart on the stand as each colour should correspond to a certain skin shade. Number 43 is aimed at medium skin tones and as such is a warm orange toned brown. On me it is a little too warm and orange toned- I think I would have to pair it with the heavy brown eye. As with all of these lipsticks the formula is great, lasts well and has a pleasant scent.

Rimmel Kate Nude in ’45’

This shade is the most recent to my collection, and maybe my favourite! A much slightly darker brown shade with a cooler undertone- a much better match for my light complexion. As soon as I put this one on I fell in love, just enough colour to be bold but not too much. A great shade for everyday, if you are a pale girl like me go and give this on a swatch!


Rimmel Kate in ’07’

Sadly I can’t find this shade online, I have had it for about a year so it may have been discontinued 😦 But any how it is still a lovely shade. The darkest of the four, with almost a dark red tone. Not one I would wear everyday but great for a night-out look. I think from the swatched above you can see the redness it has against the others. The formula is pretty much the same as the new ‘nudes’ collection; applies well and lasts long.

Rimmel Kate in ’03’

Ok, now I know I’ve already said that shade ’45’ is my favourite, it may be tied with this one here. They are very similar, this one is every so slightly warmer but just as stunning. A great one to get if you wanted ’45’ but they have discontinued it. This has to be my most used shade and one which will be a re-purchase for sure! I think out of the 3 it would be my number 1 recommendation!

Let me know your thoughts on the shades and any similar recommendations!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post!

Thank You So Much For Reading πŸ™‚



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