F.M.F : The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask


It’s FMF time again! I’m finding thinking of these series is really just another excuse for me to buy more things..

But any who’, today we shall be typing about a old favourite of mine; The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask. I would say that if you are a fan of The Body Shop you will know about this amazing face mask. This have been previous mentioned but now it can have it’s whole post!


I have loved this mask for years, when I first got into the Body Shop this was one of the first things I tried. Having read many reviews (like most things) I had to try it, and I have never looked back!

The first aspect I must address is the price; this small pot costs ยฃ10 which is very expensive for a face mask. However, in the past 3 years this is my second pot. I only use it a couple times a months and I only repurchase when they have offers on.

Application is good, as always I apply with a foundation brush. As soon as the product is on the skin it feels cooling and the smell is refreshing. Light green in colour it a thick and creamy. The scent is light and natural.


One of the best things about this mask is how is dries. Unlike most ‘creamy’ masks they dry solid- the ‘can’t move my face and can’t talk properly’ feeling. Whereas this dries but is still soft on the skin. I worry that what I just typed doesn’t make sense..

The other best thing about the mask is the fact that it works instantly! Now, I see that is is a huge statement to make, but if ever I am have a serious spot situation this makes a big difference. Although it has tea-tree in it the mask doesn’t feel drying or harsh on the skin.

Over this mask is a firm favourite and one I will always have in my stash. It is pricey but I would wait till it’s on offer. If you haven’t tried it, they may give out a sample in store if you ask nicely? Great for spots and as a quick fix for the horrid times!

Again, please let me know your thoughts on this face masks and any recommendations you may have!

I hope youโ€™ve enjoyed this little post!

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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