Manicure Monday : Monochrome Matters

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you all have had a great weekend!?

The first of two new 17 (boots) nail polish top coats today- I don’t think I’ve ever tried their nail range but when I saw theses know the saying! Today we haveย 17 Off The Wall ‘Graffiti Effects’ in Monochrome. And as such it had to go on straight away, also on my instagram!


For this look I used Barry M Gelly in ‘Chai’ for the base.

One of the main aspects that drew me in, which is the same with the other one, is that it reminded me of ‘Pave The Way’ from Maybelline which I reviewed a few months ago (here) and wasn’t that impressed with. Mainly as the it was to chunky and didn’t transfer well onto the nails. Whereas this top-coat is much more fine and has a thick base polish. It can be applied lightly or heavily for any look. It lasts well with a topcoat.

I trialed this polishย on a few different types of colours and I like the look of them all.


If, like me, you loved the look of the maybelline one but were dissapointed, pick this one up- I will be wearing this one a lot!

If you’ve tried this let me know your thoughts, plus any other reccomendations from the 17 nail range.

I hope youโ€™ve enjoyed this little post!

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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