Quick & Easy : Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Hello πŸ™‚

Hope you’re well, if not this recipe will be sure to make you feel better!


If, like myself, you love chocolate chip shortbread or in fact any flavored shortbread you will (hopefully) love this recipe. I have been trialing some different recipes recently and found this one that my mum had- and it is soo good and so it had to be shared! It’s really quick and easy, plus the flavors can be altered to suit.

I hope you enjoy and give it a try. Also if you have your own recipe please link it below πŸ™‚


8oz self-rasing flour

5oz butter

3oz caster sugar

50g choc chips (choice of filling)


– Pre-heat the oven to 170’C / 360’F / Gas Mark 4

– Crumble flour, butter and sugar together in a bowl until the mixture starts to form a dough.

– Mix in the filling until evenly dispersed.

– Grease a small deep tin with butter generously, pour in shortbread mixture and press down into the tin. Prick the top of the mixture.

– Bake for 20-25 depending on how crisp you want it.

– Allow to cool fully before cutting out of the tin, optional dusting of icing sugar! Can be used as a base or cut into any shape.

– Sit back, relax and enjoy eating!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post!

Thank You So Much For Reading πŸ™‚



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