Quick & Easy : Triple Chocolate Cupcakes


Back to the baking today, you may have seen me post a picture of these bad boys on instagram last week, it was the first time trying this recipe and they are oh so good! Plus they are a bit a cheat recipe..


The main ‘cheat’ in this method is the cupcake mix, which is in fact Wright’s Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix. This can be baked as a cake or cupcakes! I have used these Wright’s mixes in the past and they’ve always come out really well! I only picked up this packet mix as I couldn’t be bothers to do it ‘properly’.

So, I followed the directions on the packet which is to just add oil and water. Before adding to the cases I stirred in a packet of dark chocolate chips for flavour and texture. One the cupcakes are cooked- allow them to cool completely!

For the butter-cream:

8 oz – Salted Butter (softened)

1/2 Cup – Cocoa

3 oz – Dark Chocolate

1/2 tsp – Cold Coffee (you can’t taste it but don’t miss it out!)

1 tbsp – Double Cream

3-4 Cups – Icing Sugar

1) Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave in short bursts, stirring often. Once melted allow to cool.

2) Mix the butter until light and fluffy, add in the cocoa until combined.

3) Add in the cooled melted chocolate to the butter mixture- mix well.

4) Add the coffee and cream to the mixture – mix well.

5) Add the icing sugar a cup at a time, mixing well. You may need a little more or less depending on desired texture.

6) Allow to set for 10 mins before use!

Once the cupcakes are cool and the butter-cream is ready you can start to assemble! You can apply the icing in whatever way you like.

The last stage is to simple melt some white chocolate and drizzle over the tops of the cupcakes! I also added some sprinkles! Leave the white chocolate to set in the fridge for half and hour or so.

And they are done!

You can also make the batter as a cake and use the butter-cream to fill and ice the cake with the same white chocolate garnish!?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and maybe give it a try! If you have another recipe please do send me a link!

Thank You So Much For Reading πŸ™‚



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