Getting Into Cake Decorating


It’s almost the weekend!

Typing about something a little different today, but a theme that hopefully will start to feature more; Cake Decorating!


Now before we start, I must state that I am by no means an expert or anything in this field! It’s always something I loved to look at and for the last few months I’ve been having a play with some tools and techniques. Plus seeing the cakes on pinterest and instagram is so tempting! I’ve always been into baking (and eating) cakes and bakes but never thought of much with the decorating side.

You may have seen some of my attempts on my instagram!

So I thought I would do a little post to share where I’ve been picking up a few cheap bits and bobs. I have a few magazines but I’m trying not to go too over board on it all just yet! If any of you reading this are bakers/decorators please leave me a link to your blog below! And if you know or any sites, etc

The majority of the stuff I’ve picked up has been from DunelmI have a local store and it has a few good bits! The flower punches in the image were ยฃ2.99 where as some places they are nearing ยฃ8. The tools (also from a bigger set) were a few pounds also. I also got some nozzles and different pipping bags. They do a lot of baking / cooking stuff in general. If you have a store near you pop in and see what you can find!

For decorations, I picked up quite a few bits in Poundland! They have a Jan Asher (whoever she is!) range which has a selection of sprinkles, icings and colouring’s. They might not taste the best but for simple decorations they aren’t to bad; most of the sprinkles were 2 for ยฃ1. I picked up some piping bags to throw away if it all goes wrong/

Also have a few things on order from eBay and Amazon- never sure if they will actually look like the stated image though..

I’m starting to get into cake baking and decorating a bit more, so if any of you have any advice it will be welcomed! Also if you think some baking recipes would be good please let me know!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little post!

Thank You Co Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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