Review : Nivea Express Hydration Primer


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Back to skincare / make up today. An old favourite that I’ve been rediscovering these last few months: Nivea Express Hydration Primer.


I use the normal/combination one but there is one for dry skin also.

This product is a mix of both moisturizer and primer; at first look it appears like a moisturizer but has a gel (primer) like feel when you blend it in. The cream melts into the skin quickly leaving a soft finish. When using it for the first time it’s a bit strange. Non greasy so won’t be ‘slippy’ on the skin. I’m not sure if the dry version feels any different.


A little bit of this stuff goes a long way and can be used as the primer or alone to refresh the skin. I like to use this when I’m doing minimal make up as it will allow for a little bit extra. A really nice product for everyday, even if your not going to wear make up over it.

Also a pot of this lasts ages and it’s regularly on offer in superdrug / boots. Nivea always has good skincare products so it’s a no fail. If you can find this on offer give it a try!

A ย quick little post but I hope you enjoyed it.

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One thought on “Review : Nivea Express Hydration Primer

  1. […] I’ve been using this stuff a lot more recently as my skin has been drier. I wouldn’t use this for a full face long-wear make up but for basic everyday it is perfect. It does exactly what it states; moisture and primer all in one. I shall link you to my full review here. […]


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