High-Street Green Concealers


The green concealer is a very strange make-up product, who ever thought of putting on the face was very weird- but a hero! I have always suffered with redness on my cheeks. Nothing extreme but I don’t like the look of overly rosey cheeks! How some people can load on the blusher I do not know!?

So over the past years I have tried some different ‘drug store’ green concealers. There have been times where I went a little overboard with it! I have also tried sample of green correcting gels but I found they faded and didn’t do anything.

I only apply a little on the apple of the cheeks and ‘bounce’ into the skin with a beauty sponge. Then apply a layer of light concealer to ensure it will blend in with foundation.

I have 3 cheaper green concealers to share with you today, I hope you enjoy this post- please let me know if you have any good reccomendations!


All of these concealers are cream based, working left to right:

MUA Pro-Base Correcting Cream (Green) £2

MUA have stepped up their make-up ranges recently with the addition on the Pro range. I used to get a lot from MUA but now I’ve switched to Make Up Revolution. It’s handy in a compact to use with fingers or brush. However, I found this is be quite sheer on application. A very minimal coverage, ok but not enough for me. Worth a try though and easy to get in Superdrug.

W7 GO Correction Concealer Pot (Green) £2.50

W7 are pretty good with make-up, it’s just a shame it’s hard to get in the UK! I’m still not sure how I feel about this one; it’s very creamy and a little goes along way. It does allow for a decent coverage but can go patchy whilst blending. Very handy size and again, easy to use with fingers or brush. Probably ideal for training make-up artists!? A good one to try if you can find it.

Natural Collection Green Concealer Stick £1.99

My favourite green concealer! I have re-purchased this many a time. Great for precision application, not messy. Does the job that I need it to do. Blends really well and easy to blend out if you apply it in the wrong area or use too much. Easy to get hold off in boots and regularly is on offer. Some people love this and others hate it; but I love it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post! Please let me know if you have any recommendations for green concealers!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂



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