Quick & Easy : Roast Courgette Chips


It’s almost the weekend! You maybe have seen this on my instagram the other day..


This (sort of) recipe was very experimental! We had some courgettes to use up, rather than just roast them or put them into a stew or mince I thought I’d try making them into ‘chips’. Like most things, it was just a case of putting a mixture of seasonings on them and guessing how long to cook them! I don’t want to call this a recipe- we’ll go with method! Any how, they are super yummy, quick to make and can be adding to things or done with other veg! A very simple recipe but I had to share it! Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

(The image above is the amount of 3 courgettes)

1) Take as many courgettes as you have and cut them into long chunks; the thicker they are the more veg like they will stay, the thinner the more crispy they will go.

2) Add to a bowl and drizzle with oil (I used tongs to turn and coat them)

3) Seasonings: (as I can remember!) salt, pepper, garlic powder, a few mixed seasonings and sesame seed- mix really well! You can leave these to marinate if you wish! With seasonings you can add whatever ya’ fancy!

4) On a medium size baking tin, add some oil and add the courgettes. Apply some grated Parmesan and make sure all are coated!

5) Bake at 170′ for 25-30 mins depending on how cooked you want them!

6) Serve immediately and enjoy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post and give these a go!

Thank You So Much For Reading πŸ™‚



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