Review : Essence Lash Princess Mascara


Sorry, we have another mascara review today..I have a little addiction to them recently!

Recently I have been a little obsessed with Essence’s make-up (I have another little order due). I have been meaning to do a review on another favourite mascara from the range but I have yet to- coming soon I promise! If you have any good recommendation from Essence please let me know!

ย IMG_4960

But on with today’s post, we shall be typing about Essence’s Lash Princess Mascaraย 

Like I mentioned, I have tried a few Essence mascaras in the past; I kept seeing this one on instagram and blogs so had to give it a tried. Like most of the Essence products they are super cheap so there was no excuse for me not to hehe! I had high hopes for this product and boy’ did it deliver.

The packaging is really nice for the price of it. It has risen features and is a little different to other mascara tubes.

Wand wise, this isn’t a type I wouldn’t normally like. A more fiber style one (not plastic) softer brush, with saying fibers I think this is what makes this product so good. Easy to apply and comfortable to apply. Long slightly tapered brush which allows all lashes to be coated. Perfect size for bottom lashes also!


Application is quick and easy, a few swipes give a natural and defined look. Whilst loaded on lashes look instantly fuller, and like the products state ‘false lash’ look. The product lasts comfortably all day long with a tad flaking (I find it depends what other eye make up you wear with said mascara)

Overall this is another great mascara from Essence and a must buy, hard to find in the UK but available from Wilko (store & online) and amazon. If you can find this give it a try for sure!

If you have any Essence product recommendations please let me know!

Thank You So Mich For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



5 thoughts on “Review : Essence Lash Princess Mascara

  1. […] Again, another recent find and mention here. This may be my all time favourite mascara! It lengthens, adds volume and is nice and cheap! It’s such a same the Essence isn’t more available- if you see this in a wilko or online pick one up! Link to full review here! […]

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