Manicure Monday : Flower Power!


Manicure Monday today! Trying to get into the lighter, summer shades for a change! You may have seen this on my Instagram yesterday!


I love this blue Rimmel colour so had to use it! Did some simple, easy flowers on the accent nail with dotting pins for a summer-y pop!


So the overall colour in ‘Mind The Gap Victoria’ from Rimmel, this blue is stunning and a lovely lighter blue!

For the accent nail, I applied one generous coat of ‘Cotton‘ from Barry M and allowed to dry fully.

For the flowers, taking a large doter with the blue again plot 3/4 dots together depending on desired look. Allow this layer to dry slightly. Using a smaller doter apply one dot in the middle of each flower withย ‘Mango’ (also Barry M). Allow this nail to dry completely before top coat to avoid bleeding.

And that’s it – super easy to do with any colours!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little nail post!

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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