VW Lupo Owner Review


Hope you’re having a good weekend? A very different post to the norm today..we shall be typing cars! Or a car.


I have always has a love for cars, growing up around it all it’s hard not to have one! I have this this little lupo for almost two years and it’s not a bad run around. Not my personal choice, but it does the job!

I have a 1.0L Petrol and average 50/60 miles a week.

Look & Design : This a small car but doesn’t feel small inside. SEAT also ‘share’ this car with the ‘Arosa’, the front looks different and the interior differs slightly. I much prefer the look of the Lupo, from the front it looks like a 2002 VW Polo (which hopefully shall be my next car). A lot of the other ones I have seen are always in the brighter colours. Three doors is plenty for a first car.

Drive : Now, as mine is only a 1.0 there isn’t much power to be had. Anything over 45mph the engine starts to sounds a little strained.. But for everyday it runs well. I don’t go too far on a daily basis (work, shopping). If you were just going to college or not a long distance daily it’s a good little car.

Mileage : A full tank costs me around £30 and lasts about 2 weeks.

Other Costs : Insurance & tax hasn’t been too bad. After one year insurance reduced by around £200. There have been a few minor issues with it but nothing expensive to fix.

Overall, it’s a good little starter car. Cheap to run and a good size if your, like me, panicked about parking! However I must say, why people ‘pimp out’ Lupos is beyond me. If your going to do up a car, choose a polo or a corsa..the look of a pimped lupo is just wrong.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and maybe found it helpful!?

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂



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