Review : V05 Texture Sprays


Sorry (once again) for the lack of blog posts this week. However, this weekend is going to be spend planning and picturing taking- with hopefully a new routine for the future!

lBut anyways- back to today’s blog post..

Another hair styling review today, a disappointing one too. I haven been trying a few new styling sprays like this recently (to review for posts of course!) and these two were rubbish. I picked up these V05 Give Me Texture & V05 Plump It Up sprays in superdrug on ‘2 for £5’. They are around £4 each so it made sense to get two. Honestly, I have tried a few things from V05 and I wasn’t to impressed with them, so it is my own fault for buying these with that in mind. But nevertheless, I wanted to give these products a try!

On first look at the packaging and product claims there isn’t but between them; as backcombing & putting texture in your hair is basically the same effect. They both smell petty much the same (quite pleasant) and both have the same white powdery spray application..But they both did NOTHING in my hair. Like I have mentioned before, my hair is thick and heavy and it takes a lot of a product to hold it. But after spraying and rubbing it I had a bit of ‘lift’ for a few seconds until it dropped! Plus I was covered in the fall out which looked like dandruff!

I’m pretty sure these two sprays have the same formula but are just marketed and two different types. Again, I know my hair is thick but I got no lasting results from these products. I wouldn’t recommend these sprays- maybe if you have thin hair it might work better, but even so don’t hold your breath! I have been testing some other good ones which shall be making an appearance soon! If you have any other good sprays like this please let me know!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂



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