Review : ‘got2be’ Quick Dry Spray


Hope (if you’ve been working) you haven’t had to much of a stress in the Bank Holiday madness! And if you’ve had the day off, well.. ๐Ÿ˜›


Back to hair styling today, very rare I do these kind of posts I feel! Sadly this isn’t a positive review though..

We shall be typing today about the got2be Quick Style Spray. I don’t know about others of you that live in the UK, but I rarely see these quick dry sprays in the ‘drugstore’. They have always intriguedย me as I have a lot of very thick hair- which takes a good while to properly dry. Some higher end brands do sprays like this but I ain’t spending that money…Plus it’s never something that has been a ‘pain’ to me but I do love to try new products!

So, I picked this up the other week in Superdrug on offer for around ยฃ2.50. With the ”mind blowing” and ”express dry” quickly catching my eye I had to buy it. This product states to quicken blow drying, heat protect and de-tangling. And if I’m honest..I would only say it heat protects. Honestly this product has really disappointed me. Wether it is because my hair is so thick nothing will really make a difference I don’t know?!

It seems fine, like any styling product! To apply; (same with any spray like this) I section and spray hair then work it through with my fingers to disperse. The spray has a tacky feel on your hands. Whilst blow-drying I saw no massive reduction in time. Normally it takes around 15-20 mins to dry my hair. The weirdest thing that the spray did, after stating it would ‘de-tangle’, was to leave some knots in the ends of my hair!? Again with the sticky-ness factor, the ends felt ‘tacky’. The product did heat protect but it didn’t leave my hair feeling as nice as my regular heat-protect spray which is the Superdrug Style Expertise Spray.

Overall I’m not impressed with the spray and have gone back to my favourite Superdrug one. Wether it is due to my hair being so thick I’m not sure- maybe worth a try if it’s still on offer but I wouldn’t pay full price for it. The finish it gave and the weird tacky-ness wasn’t good for the type of product. If you have any recommendations of other cheap-ish quick-dry sprays please let me know!

Thank You So Much For Reading, Hope This Has Been Useful ๐Ÿ™‚



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